Final Update on the Merger with Bristol Credit Union


22nd February 2021

Wyvern Credit Union Limited – Final Update on the Merger with Bristol Credit Union

I hope that you and your loved ones are keeping safe and well as we continue to face the challenges that the Covid pandemic has brought to all of our lives. 

The good news is that we are now able to move forward with the merger and expect to complete the formal process with the ‘transfer of engagements’ (the legal process) on the 25th March 2021. 

At this point all the assets and liabilities of Wyvern Savings and Loans Credit Union, including members’ savings and loan balances will transfer to Bristol Credit Union, and your membership will be with Bristol Credit Union from that point too. 

You won’t see any immediate change in how you are able to access your account, and all services for former Wyvern Savings and Loans CU members will continue to be provided by the team in Dorchester, in the same way as now. 

We will be working hard over the next 3 or so months to bring together our member data, and to combine that with the main Bristol CU data. Before that point we will let you know the final timings, and how to access your account through the new Bristol CU web portal which will become available to all members. 

Bristol CU is extending an invitation to all Wyvern Savings and Loans CU members to attend its AGM as guests. The AGM is on 23rd March in the evening, and if you are interested then you can register your details with the Dorchester office, and they will then pass them on to Bristol for you to receive an invitation.

One item that will be on the Bristol CU AGM Agenda is a proposal to change the legal name for Bristol CU to Great Western Credit Union Ltd. This name has been chosen to reflect the broad geography that the credit union now covers, and to be more inclusive for all members including former Wyvern Savings and Loans CU members. Subject to agreement by Bristol CU’s members this change will be in place during April, in time for the new web portal to fully incorporate this new identity. 

We will retain our regional identity though, with “Dorset Credit Union” becoming a trading name of the new entity, along with Bristol Credit Union. “Dorset Credit Union” includes South Somerset members and all other former Wyvern members although either the Bristol or Dorchester offices will be able to provide appropriate support as needed. 

As we move forward together, we will be working hard to make sure all our members are able to benefit from the same great service they have always had, and that membership is opened to many, many more people across all our neighbourhoods and communities. 

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