Wyvern Savings and Loans Special General Meeting Held


27th August 2020

The Special General Meeting was held on Wednesday 26 August at 2.00pm, with 27 attendees chaired by Tim Topper, Director, and supported by Jon Anderson, Treasurer, together with James Berry, CEO Bristol Credit Union.  After a brief summary of the situation leading to the proposal for a merger and an outline of Bristol’s aspirations for a stronger future, the resolution was put to the vote. The resolution was carried with 99% of the votes in favour, 77 votes were cast overall including those cast prior to the meeting.  By supporting the merger, Wyvern’s membership have assured local access to credit union services for the foreseeable future and we hope that it will build on the achievements of the past 20 years plus.  Thank you for your support.  

We also need members to attend and vote for the confirmation resolution at the meeting to be held Wednesday 09 September at 2.00pm, click here to register to attend the virtual meeting, or click here to vote online before the meeting.

For more details on the proposal and voting information click here.

Full minutes of the meeting can be found here.

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