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28th February 2019

As we move towards autumn it is a good time to turn your house or flat heating down a degree or two. Turn down those radiators, storage-heaters and thermostats and by the time winter bites you will be used to living at that lower temperature. Whatever fuel you use to heat your home you’ll be using less of it so your bills will be lower. Some people claim that sleeping in a cooler room is better for your health, just as long as you’re snug under your bedding.

You can get support and advice from Dorset Community Action on Saving Energy and Keeping Warm

Credit Union members receive discounts at various business across Dorset and Somerset including Ace Plumbing, Winscombe Business Park, Shaftesbury who offer 10% off plumbing and heating services including installation (not on renewable energy products) Click here to see a full list of our member discounts

If you are having money difficulties click here for further tips

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