Wyvern Saving Tips - Avoid Store Cards


28th February 2019

One of the reasons members apply to Wyvern for a loan is to pay off a store card or catalogue bill. Store cards look a bit like credit cards but the key difference is that they can only be used in the store that issued them. Store cards can appear very attractive at the beginning. They usually come with an introductory offer of 10 or 20% discount on the items you’re buying but if you can’t afford to pay it back at the end of the month then their interest rates are expensive. You’ll find that paying a high rate of interest will soon wipe out those early savings you thought you had made.

Credit Union members receive discounts at various business across Dorset and Somerset, click here to see a full list of our member discounts

If you are having money difficulties click here for further tips

If you're interested in consolidating any store cards or catalogue bills with a loan from Wyvern Savings and Loans, click here for more information on our loan products

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